How To Create Lasting Impressions At Trade Shows Space

  Jun 15, 2018 3:26:55 PM  |    Admin   Brilliant booth design

They say that you have three seconds to compel potential visitors to explore your trade show booth, and the nature of trade shows means that exhibitors are in direct competition for the attention of visitors. Most attendees will only actually manage to visit around 10 percent of the booths at a trade show. How can you accomplish that in such a little time and with so much competition? Fact is that people at trade shows are judging books by their covers. How can you make your book cover the most attractive in the room?


Below are some handful of tips on how aptly to use the space available for your booth to make it stand out in the crowd:


1. Don’t Hold Back on Your Expectations


When working with an exhibit company like Indorse Trade Fair Media Pvt. Ltd, don’t temper your expectations assuming something cannot be done. Ask for the moon, and then let us figure out if and how it can be done.In other words, never hold back. Also,remember bigger doesn’t always mean better with trade show displays, and we at Indorse can work within your budget to build a booth that will leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank.


2. Choose Your Space Carefully


The key step to capitalizing on the amount of space available in a trade show is to select your floor space carefully whenever possible. Although space in most trade shows tends to be made available in standard sizes, like 10x10, or 20x20, not all of them are equal in reality and some positions on the exhibition floor are easier to work with.


For most modular stands, it is best to avoid the corners of the room, as the walls of the room will make it impossible for visitors to make use of the space immediately surrounding your stand. For the same reason, you would also want to avoid any space in proximity to another company's booth.Try to choose a space that will allow your booth to be accessible on at least three sides and, with some designs, all four at best.


3. Include a Meeting Area


Another great way to free up space and make a booth seem less cramped is to include a dedicated meeting area, where you can sit down with visitors and have lengthier conversations. Whether you choose to have a formal or informal setup, there are many options to suit your business needs. For visitors walking outside your booth, it can look a lot less intimidating to approach than a booth filled with people standing around talking.


4. Add Economical Technological Conveniences


Most booths offer visitors a way to charge their smartphones. Moreover, while they’re charging their phones, why not offer them free Wi-Fi to use as well. Better yet, put a QR code (QR CODING can be create dusing MYFAIRTOOL to captivate your visitors) next to the charging station, so they can link to your website/YouTube video in the meantime. Providing this convenience is likely to become easier as wireless phone charging is becoming more and more popular.


5. Use Lighting to Attract Visitors


Whether you have a kiosk, pop up display, tabletop display, or a sprawling 5000-square-foot exhibit, one thing remains vitally important: Effective lighting. Most successful booths employ lighting in three ways.


  i) To attract visitors -use colored LED tape, uplights and moving lights

  ii) Accent to highlight - If you have literature you want visitors to read, you’ll need your lighting to accent things such as your logo or any products you are displaying


Human crossing - You could use anything from recessed lighting to track lighting so that your booth looks flattering. Opt for warmer lighting temperatures and make sure it is bright enough; otherwise, people might think they are talking to a blue-hued zombie.